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Government Phone Listings

Emergency Services

Hospital      910 
Police      911 
Hotline      416-3737 
Fire Department      911 
Ambulance      912 
Coast Guard      913 

Island Council

   Carl Buncamper   416-2468 
   Christopher Johnson   416-2944 
   Akilah Levenstone   416-2010 
   Rolando Wilson   416-3340 
   Bruce Zagers   416-2355 

Executive Council

 Lt. Governor  Jonathan Johnson  Residence 416-3240 
 Lt. Governor  Jonathan Johnson The Bottom Secretary 416-3215 
 Lt. Governor  Jonathan Johnson The Bottom Fax 416-3274 
 Commissioner  Christopher Johnson  Residence 416-2944 
 Commissioner  Christopher Johnson  Secretary 416-3365 
 Commissioner  Christopher Johnson  Fax 416-3362 
 Commissioner  Bruce Zagers  Residence 416-2355 
 Commissioner  Bruce Zagers  Fax 416-3429 
 Executive Assistant  Lisa Hassell  Office 416-3245 
 Island Secretary Mr. Menno Van der Velde The Bottom Office 416-3883 
 Island Secretary Mr. Menno Van der Velde The Bottom Fax 416-3274 
 Island Secretary Mr. Menno Van der Velde The Bottom Central 416-3311 
 Lt. Governor Secretary Mrs. Patricia Linzey The Bottom  416-3215 
 Commissioner Johnson Secretary Ms. Amorelle Granger   416-3365 
 Commissioner Johnson Secretary Ms. Amorelle Granger  Central 416-3311 
 Commissioner Johnson Secretary Ms. Amorelle Granger  Fax 416-3362 
 Commissioner Zagers Secretary  Angelita Peterson   416-3429 
 Commissioner Zagers Secretary  Angelita Peterson  Central 416-3311 
 Commissioner Zagers Secretary  Angelita Peterson  Fax 416-3429 
Government Administration Building    The Bottom Central 416-3311 
Government Administration Building    The Bottom Central 416-3312 
Government Administration Building    The Bottom Central 416-3313 
Government Administration Building    The Bottom Central 416-3314 
Government Administration Building    The Bottom Fax 416-3274 

Government Departments

Agriculture Department  Mr. Michael Hasell English Quarter  416-2273 
A.M. Edward's Medical Center  Dr. Jack Buchanan The Bottom  416-3288 
A.M. Edward's Medical Center  Dr. Gijs Koot The Bottom  416-3288 
A.M. Edward's Medical Center    The Bottom Fax 416-3239 
A.M. Edward's Medical Center Head Nurse  Naomi Wilson The Bottom  416-3288 
A.M. Edward's Medical Center    The Bottom Central 416-3288 
A.M. Edward's Medical Center    The Bottom Central 416-3289 
Department of Public Health  Dr. Koot Windwardside  416-2028 
Department of Public Health    Windwardside  416-2228 
Department of Public Hygiene  Ms. Cassandra Wilson Windwardside  416-2228 
Juancho Yrausquin Internation Airport Manager  Vincent Hassell Flat Point  416-2860 
Juancho Yrausquin Internation Airport Control Tower   Flat Point  416-2222 
Juancho Yrausquin Internation Airport    Flat Point Fax 416-2851 
Census Office & Civil Registry  Ms. Nelly Peterson The Bottom  416-3497 
Census Office & Civil Registry    The Bottom Fax 416-3582 
Census Office & Civil Registry    The Bottom Central 416-3311 
Department of Education  Mr. Hemi van Xanten St. John's  416-3302 
Department of Education    St. John's Fax 416-3303 
Department of Finance & Economic Affairs  Mrs. Mizaida Hassell The Bottom  416-3436 
Department of Finance & Economic Affairs    The Bottom Central 416-3311 
Department of Labor  Ms. Lucia Woods The Bottom  416-3574 
Department of Labor    The Bottom Central 416-3311 
Department of Labor    The Bottom Fax 416-3574 
Social Affairs  Ms. June Every The Bottom  416-3674 
Social Affairs    The Bottom Central 416-3311 
Social Affairs    The Bottom Fax 416-3674 
Department of Public Works  Mr. Hendrik Hasell The Bottom  416-3219 
Department of Public Works Administration   The Bottom  416-3219 
Department of Public Works    The Bottom Fax 416-3357 
Bus Drivers Coordinator  Mr. Benny Johnson The Bottom  416-3219 
Traffic Control Office  Mr. Joseph Hasell The Bottom  416-3219 
Department of Tourism  Mr. Glenn Holm Windwardside  416-2322 
Department of Tourism    Windwardside Central 416-2231 
Department of Tourism    Windwardside Fax 416-2350 
Fire Department    Flat Point  416-2210 
Fire Department  Mr. Julio Every The Bottom  416-3710 
Fire Department    The Bottom Fax 416-3710 
Port Authority  Mr. Cyril Whitfield Fort Bay  416-3294 
Port Authority    Fort Bay Fax 416-3294 
Innovations Bureau  Ms. Henriette Heijnsbergen St. John's  416-3809 
Innovations Bureau    St. John's Fax 416-3809 
Planning Bureau  Mr. Robert Zagers The Bottom  416-3292 
Department of Protocol  Mr. Dave Levenstone The Bottom  416-3505 
Saba Health Care  Ms. Milva Linzey The Bottom  416-3552 
Saba Health Care    The Bottom Fax 416-3520 
Sanitation Department  Mr. Reid Barnes The Bottom  416-3412 
Sanitation Department  Mr. Reid Barnes The Bottom  416-3219 
Security Department  Ms. Beatrix Heyliger Flat Point  416-2497 
Security Department    Fort Bay  416-3228 
Taxi Service    Flat Point  160 
Island Receiver's Office  Mrs. Wima Every The Bottom  416-3258 
Island Receiver's Office    The Bottom Central 416-3311 
Island Receiver's Office    The Bottom Fax 416-3551 
GKMB  Mr. Rudolph Johnson English Quarter  416-3229 
Personnel & Organizational Affairs  Mrs. Marva Donker The Bottom  416-3453 
Personnel & Organizational Affairs    The Bottom Fax 416-3453 
Hon. Henry Every Old Age Home  Mrs. Kim Whitfield The Bottom  416-3309 
Hon. Henry Every Old Age Home    The Bottom  416-3280 
Foundation Social Workplace    Windwardside  416-3706 
Mediation Center    The Bottom  416-3720 
Regional Service Center Saba    The Bottom  416-3934 
Regional Service Center Saba    The Bottom  416-3935 
Regional Service Center Saba    The Bottom  416-3936 
Regional Service Center Saba    The Bottom  416-3937 
Belasting Kantoor (Dutch Tax Office)    The Bottom  416-3941 
Belasting Kantoor (Dutch Tax Office)      416-3942 
Belasting Kantoor (Dutch Tax Office)      416-3943 
Regional Service Center (RSC)    The Bottom  416-3934 
Regional Service Center (RSC)    The Bottom  416-3935 
Regional Service Center (RSC)    The Bottom  416-3936 
Regional Service Center (RSC)    The Bottom  416-3937 
Saba Dispensary    The Bottom  416-3400 

Federal Government

 Senator / Member of Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles  Ray Hasell Booby Hill Residence 416-2241 
 State Secretary Mrs. Amelia Xiomara Nicholson  Residence 416-3525 
 State Secretary Mrs. Amelia Xiomara Nicholson The Bottom Office 416-3312 
Bureau Welzijnszorg  Ms. Anastacia Simmons The Bottom  416-3283 
Bureau Welzijnszorg    The Bottom Fax 416-3533 
Federal Receiver's Office    The Bottom  416-3258 
Federal Receiver's Office    The Bottom Central 416-3312 
Federal Receiver's Office    The Bottom Fax 416-3551 
Immigration Department  Mr. Cletus Johnson The Bottom  416-3214 
Immigration Department    Flat Point  416-2223 
Police Department Division Chief Mr. Winston Victoria The Bottom  416-3222 
Police Department    The Bottom  416-3237 
Police Department Hotline   The Bottom  416-3737 
Public Prosecutor Office  Mr. Franklin Wilson The Bottom  416-3252 
Social Insurance Bank - SVB  Ms. Carolyn Johnson Windwardside  416-2546 
Social Insurance Bank - SVB    Windwardside Fax 416-2547 


Saba Comprehensive School Director Ms. Elka Charles St. John's  416-3970 
Saba Comprehensive School Administration   St. John's  416-3270 
Saba Comprehensive School Administration   St. John's Fax 416-3270 
Sacred Heart School Principal Mrs. Diane Wilson St. John's  416-3281 
Laura Linzey Day Care Center Director Ms. Margaret Child The Bottom  416-3518 
Child Focus    Windwardside  416-2318 
Child Focus    Windwardside Fax 416-2418